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A glossary of carpet terms

When shopping for carpet floors you’ll hear a lot of terms. While they may seem basic to the trade, the information can be overwhelming and confusing to you, the consumer. To make this a little more stress-free, Genoa Custom Interiors, your carpet flooring retailer in Genoa, OH, put together this basic dictionary of terms. As always, don’t hesitate to call us if you need further information.

Is broadloom the same as carpet?

Yes, it just means it was created in wide widths. Broadloom is hand-woven on a loom, creating a large roll instead of an area rug or carpet tiles. It comes in standard 12-or 15-foot widths and is available in all styles, from loop to texture to frieze.

Styles and textures

Cut pile means the fibers were shaved in varying lengths from short to high. A high pile has long, loose fibers while low pile rugs have short, tightly woven fibers. Cut and loop is as it sounds. Some fibers are cut, while others are looped. The fiber patterns are embedded to create texture. Berber broadloom has a straight loop and low pile style. Traditional Berbers were hand-woven by the Berber tribes and featured an overall light background with brown, gray, or tan flecks. It evolved in modern times to include many solids and multi-colors and is versatile, fitting into most decors.

Frieze rugs feature long lengths of fibers that are tightly twisted together. This twisting causes them to curl. Frieze rugs, which are sometimes confused with shags, are best for more casual rooms. On the other hand, Shag is sometimes called the “sheepdog rug” for obvious reasons. It has long, looped yarns and a deep pile that makes it plush and comfortable. This distinctive style now comes in a wide color palette.

Finally, there is Saxony, which this cut pile is neither high nor low. There's Saxony Plush, which is more formal and has a velvety texture, and Saxony Straight (also called "Trackless," because it won’t leave footprints or vacuum indentations) which is highly patterned.

Synthetic vs natural fibers

The choice will ultimately come down to your needs, style, and budget. Natural means materials are harvested from nature and created into fibers, wool being the most common. Synthetics are man-made, generally more stain-resistant, and somewhat easier to care for. They include nylon, polyester, olefin, and Triexta. Our interior designer at Genoa Custom Interiors will help you with carpet flooring in Genoa, OH, from our showroom. Come in for your free carpet flooring estimate today. We service Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, especially Ottawa County, OH, Lucas County, OH, Wood County, OH, Sandusky County, OH, and Erie County, OH.

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