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How to take care of hardwood flooring

Luxury doesn’t necessarily translate to high maintenance and hardwood floors are a perfect example of that. They give your home a lot of elegance but are very low maintenance. You do need to be mindful of the seasons; for example, winter brings snow, ice, and salt while spring can bring wetness and dirt. That means your cleaning routines may have to change up a bit, but you should always sweep or dust every day. Dust forms everywhere and can embed between the boards and wreak havoc. Here are some tips from Genoa Custom Interiors, your source for hardwood floors in Genoa, OH.

Watch the wet

Water is the enemy of solid wood floors and it can create cupping, crowning, and warping. Engineered wood flooring fares better and is less prone to warping, but no floor should ever be submerged in water or experience little puddles of liquid, such as when the ice melts. Whether you have solid or engineered wood, wipe spills immediately, and place foot mats strategically at entrances so people don’t drag in moisture, dirt, salt, and leaves.

Whitewashed, not salted, floors

Salt dust is that stuff we drag in on the soles of our shoes or animal paws and it can damage wood floors, leaving white streaks. There are some solutions like Salt-Away, but you can safely wipe it by mixing a ½ cup vinegar in one gallon of hot water. Vacuum the floor first; then spray the mixture on the floor, letting it sit for just a few minutes. Don’t over-water it, but do be sure there’s enough to melt the salt. Wipe with a dry towel and then wipe it again, this time with a damp rag. Then complete the process by wiping again with a dry cloth.

Some final tips

  • Make sure you use a manufacturer-approved cleaner, or some plain soap and water. A PH-neutral one like Murphy’s Oil Soap is a good choice and, despite the name, it doesn’t have a bit of oil in it. Use ¼-cup to a bucket of warm water. Wipe with a dry towel to be sure there’s no water.
  • If you use the vinegar and water solution to dissolve the salt, use the measurements exactly, as too much can harm the wood. Be sure it's ½-cup vinegar to one-gallon water and don’t use abrasive products, ammonia or oils, waxes, or furniture spray.

For more tips on anything regarding hardwood flooring visit the Genoa Custom Interiors showroom in Genoa, OH. We service Ottawa County, OH, Lucas County, OH, Wood County, OH, Sandusky County, OH, and Erie County, OH in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Get your free estimate for wood flooring today.

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